Our Mission

Our Vision

Train changemakers, transform systems, and leave no one behind.

Be the premier school in the world for harnessing imagination and creativity in service of the greater good.

Quántica is a training space created for a world in need of changemakers.



Our environment honors error as part of the innovation process and encourages students to ask, "what if?" Innovation, disruption, and positive deviance guide everything that happens at Quántica. Our educational spaces are full of experimentation, where there is no fear of being judged and much less of making mistakes. We train our students in and for real life, with a focus on planning and acting oriented to transforming problems into opportunities in any context or situation.

We know that education is most relevant to an individual when it acquires a concrete and tangible meaning. This is why a we dedicate time within our programs to be designed by the participants themselves. In this way, our education can be co-created and responds in a more direct way to the needs of each student


We see knowledge as a resource to catalyze positive interventions in the world, rather than as an end in itself. Learning the “what” is not the same as learning the “how”. This is where we focus. We strive for knowledge and theories to be reflective frameworks for collective action. We do not deliver case studies, nor exams that test memory, and don't require essay writing that is not sourced from direct practice and experience. Our programs instead involve processes of intensely creative inquiry, where learning begins and ends in the real world. Students learn by creating, developing and solving, and in this way they add value to their clients, their teams, their communities and to themselves.

- Quantica Team.

Our Values

Human Development

The foundation for creating positive social change in the world is individual transformation.


We seek a balance between social, environmental, and financial sustainability in everything we do.


Our driving motivation to create a better world is part of our DNA and guides everything we do.


We seek new ways to tackle problems, understand local contexts, and devise solutions.

Real World

Knowledge is most useful when applied to changing the world, that's why we believe the most valuable knowledge is acquired through real world experience.


We strive to be just and equitable in all aspects of our work and relationships.


We make decisions recognizing that we are part of a greater whole, of a world that is deeply interconnected.


We believe collaboration is one of the best tools to we have to make the impossible, possible.


These concepts helped build the framework for our educational and consulting programs. They continue to serve us to this day on the ever difficult path of practicing what we preach, of truly walking the talk. Thus, we are immensely grateful for this training as it not only jump-started our dream, but continues to play a role in the growth of our social enterprise.

As Quántica started to grow, Gerard also supported our ongoing strategy, both its creation and in putting the strategy to work for the organization. As we learned more and more about who our students were, and the communities we wanted to impact, this strategy came alive. Gerard ultimately helped us understand strategy as dynamic and purpose-creating, without losing focus on making it actionable at the same time. 

Creating, growing, and scaling a social business is an unpredictable and challenging journey, especially in our rapidly changing world. But to this day, Quántica’s activities — from our programs and events, to our relationships and strategy — continue to pulse with the essence of Gerard’s teachings. 

And when the way ahead is a bit cloudy, we return to the basics. There, we find the clarity we need to light our way.

These few paragraphs capture just a little of everything Gerard has done for us, as human beings and as professionals with a dream for a better world.

We are deeply grateful, and always will be.

— Nicolás, Camilo, Alan and Camila.



Gerard Egan, professor Emeritus of Organization Development and Psychology in the Center for Organization Development of Loyola University of Chicago, has written over fifteen books in the field of counseling and communication. The Skilled Helper, now in its 11th edition, has been translated into both European and Asian languages. It is one of the most widely-used counseling texts in the world. Over the years has worked with a variety of large, medium-sized, and small companies and institutions worldwide. Clients he has worked with include BP International, CNA Insurance, Merck, Medco Health Solutions, Montgomery Ward, ShopNBC, the YMCA-USA executive, The World Bank, the International Rice Research Institute (Philippines) and other international agricultural research centers, Arla Foods UK, British Airways, the BBC, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), British Telecommunications, PLC (BT), the Central Statistical Office (UK), the National Health Service (UK), Northern Foods, Thorn EMI, Sharp Electronics (UK), Sears (UK), AstraZeneca (UK), Biocompatibles, the Bali Bank, Indofoods (Jakarta), and universities in the People's Republic of China.

A School For Social Change



The very first meaningful steps that Quántica took as a young social startup were supported by the generous and exceptional mentorship Gerard gave to us, Quántica’s founding team members. 

Drawn together by a shared vision for a better world and a passion for social entrepreneurship, we worked with Gerard to construct a solid theoretical base for our idea, as he guided the organizational development of our institute and the eventual creation of our first workshops and programs.

Specifically, he trained us in the Power of Basics, a method he developed and applied during his many years as an international consultant and professor.