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From our short workshops, to our educational programs, we equip aspiring changemakers with the powerful tools of social entrepreneurship and creative business design.

Who do we work with?


Entrepreneurs and changemakers


Small businesses and big companies


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Foundations and Nonprofits

Estudiantes del Laboratorio de Impacto

Impact Lab

For designing and running an impactful social enterprise

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Laboratory of entrepreneurship for reconciliation

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Online Programs

Explore the tools of social entrepreneurship from home

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Transformative Education

Quántica is a school for daring thinkers and doers who want to take action to transform the status quo. We are a community of collaborative risk-takers who don't just dream of a better word, we set out to build it!

Our Chaordic Education Model


In addition to integrating best practices from other innovative schools for change and leadership, the chaordic model is at the core of our education and consulting. The original model was created by Dee Hock, the founder of Visa International, as an organizational system. We transform the powerful principles of the chaordic concept into a unique education for training changemakers.


In practice, in our sessions, mentoring, advising and consulting, we "deliver" bits of chaos and bits of order. In other words, there are times when we challenge students to create, to devise, to explore on their own, nudging them out of their comfort zone (divergence and chaos). And then we share theory, guides, and tools (convergence and order) to make sense of the experiential learning so as to better internalize it, and apply it.


In that back and forth, over and over again, we encourage students to stretch their mental, emotional, practical, and creative capacities as they themselves discover new ways to approach problems and construct solutions. To learn to be an entrepreneur or changemaker, books are not enough. One needs to tread the path itself.  We are convinced that learning to navigate between chaos and order in a productive way is the most powerful skill one can apply towards designing an impactful life, a successful social enterprise, and a better future for all..

Schools That Inspire US and Inspired our Methodology


Team Academy


The DO School




D. School


Watson Institute

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The quality of one's work is a reflection of the quality of one's inner world and personal growth as a human being.

Learn By


Learning happens in the real world. We make knowledge learned through experience relevant through its application to world-changing ideas.

Radical Collaboration

We believe radical collaboration (intergenerational, interdisciplinary, intercultural) is the best tool to push the boundaries of what is possible.

See Challenges

Not Problems

The student is in charge of his or her learning journey. We seek to develop a growth mindset and offer a safe, yet dynamic, space to do it.