Impact Lab

March - June 2021


The Impact Lab is a hands-on program that will help you transform your frustrations into ideas, your ideas into actions, and your actions into social enterprises. In 3 months you will acquire tools to reinvent yourself and impact your reality.

Who is it for?

Individuals who want to create a positive change in the world but don't know where to start or how they want to do it.

Individuals or teams that have already created a project or startup but need help further defining the business model or strategy to amplify impact and financial sustainability.

Individuals frustrated with the state of the world. Period.

Something that I loved is the, "to heck with formality, throw yourself into the unknown!" This mentality has helped my project make huge progress. After each Lab session I leave motivated, more determined and with more tools.

Vicente Hosie

Founder of Arca Ecohub

Why Take the Lab?

in-person workshops

You will participate in weekly workshops for 3 months, acquiring entrepreneurship and social innovation tools, while developing leadership, teamwork, communication and agile project management skills.

Access to Mentoring

You will have access to our network of both national and international 50+ Mentors who will help you further strengthen your project and your professional development.

Get to know the ecosystem

Under the concept of an Iterative School, during the workshops you will get to know different innovation, cultural and entrepreneurial spaces that will allow you to see the city of Bogotá as one big learning laboratory.

High-quality WORK SPACES

We partnered with WeWork to offer a unique Impact Lab experience. WeWork is the world's largest global network of working spaces. They combine technology, community and space so you can unlock your potential.

Talks with Experts

You will attend Conferences and Webinars with guest experts in innovation and entrepreneurship, to inspire you and to learn from their experiences.

Be a part of impactco

You will participate in the  ImpactCo Fair which takes place at the end of the program. The Fair is the ideal place to get new customers, and to meet potential partners or investors.

Personalized Consulting

You will have periodic personalized consulting sessions for your project in which you will further deepen your understanding and apply  the concepts that are covered during the workshops.


You will have the optional accompaniment of a Coach to support your development as a human being in one-on-one sessions, helping bring out the best in you on this turbulent and dynamic journey of entrepreneurship.

Build Community

You will join a lifelong community of people who, in addition to seeking a better world, are actively working to create it.

Personal Development

You will immerse yourself in a process of self-reinvention and you will learn to create positive disruptions in your life by seeing entrepreneurship not only as a business concept, but as a concept for life.

A glimpse of the lab experience

Network of mentors and Coaches

The Impact Lab offers you a network of experts in entrepreneurship, product development, marketing, legal issues, and more, so that you can strengthen your project as it grows. Here are some of these inspiring individuals:

In Partnership With


Impact Hub






Paz mi Pez

Techo Colombia

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