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Director Ejecutivo Camilo Bonilla
Camilo Bonilla

Executive Director

I want to create a future where creativity is at the service of a new human ecology to show that we deserve to live on this planet.

Camila Sarria Sanz

Creative Director

I work for a future in which sustainability, teamwork, and solidarity are the pillars of all educational systems.

Director de Desarrollo de Negocios
Alexander Bush

Director of Business Development

I wish to create a future in which every individual and community has the power to reach its potential through the mind, the body and the soul.

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alejandra angulo

Sustainability Strategies — Intern

I believe in a future in which as a society we accept and embrace creative processes and shared value in an integral way to achieve sustainability both in businesses and on a daily basis.


Editora de Contenido

Creo en una educación que deje atrás el analfabetismo emocional, apostando por cultivar el autoconocimiento y la actitud reflexiva como pilares de (re)evolución.

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Nicolás Corrales

Chief Innovation Officer

I dream of a future where individually and collectively we connect with the search for peace with humanity and harmony with our home.

Alan Pierce

Chief Operations Officer

I dream of a future in which education serves humanity and recognizes the beautiful complexity and potential of every human being.

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Camila orduz

Chief Impact Officer

I dream of a future in which empathy, solidarity and love drive us to change realities by taking care of all living things and working for their well-being.


Project Manager

I dream of a world in which, through education, everyone has access to those opportunities which allow them to develop their potential and transform their reality in a sustainable way.


Advisory Board

We have a national and international network that supports our professional development and nourishes the quality of our program offerings.

Carolina Medina

Carolina Medina

Carolina is a social entrepreneur from Colombia passionate about leveraging simple technology to increase development and equity. She was the CEO and Co-Founder of Agruppa, a startup that used mobile phones and economies of scale to improve micro businesses at the base of the pyramid. Through Agruppa, Carolina and her team aimed to optimize current supply chains at the Base of the Pyramid while making healthy food available to everyone, no matter where they live.


Carolina is the Curator of the Bogota Hub for the Global Shapers (a World Economic Forum initiative) and was selected as 1 of 17 United Nations Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals worldwide. She was selected as a finalist for Latin America for the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards (2017); and Most Promising Woman Entrepreneur in Latin America and the Caribbean by WeXChange of the IDB (2014).


Carolina has an MSc in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies at the London School of Economics (LSE) and has over four years of national and international experience in consultancy, market research, and social entrepreneurship and innovation.

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