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Building a Social Business

Tools, Resources and an Actionable Guide to Making an Impact

What is this course about?

Do you know what the Social Entrepreneur's Equation is and what it is for? It is a framework recently developed by Quantica that until now we have not shared with the world. But the moment has arrived!

In this course we explain what the equation is and how social entrepreneurs can use it in service of a better world by designing, structuring and managing their social businesses.

Using the equation as the common thread of the course, we will guide you through the structuring of a social business model. We'll cover traditional theories from the business world and steer them towards social impact. You will learn how to choose a suitable business model and how to evaluate it from the triple impact. In addition, we will guide you in each module to put into practice all the knowledge acquired. Therefore, this course is going to challenge you to take action. We are going to go beyond readings and reflections, so that you can see what can happen when your ideas are translated into actions.

How do you know if this course is for you? Just ask yourself this question: Do you want to make a positive impact in the world or if you already do, do you want to take it to another level? Then this is the place for you! It doesn't matter what stage your venture is in; with this course you will find tools, theories, challenges and questions that will give you the motivation and tools you are looking for.

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Who is this course for?

People with a social business idea who are looking to structure a first version of it.

People who already have a social enterprise or business and are looking to better understand its structure and/or reformulate it.

People looking to better understand what is behind the design of a social business model.

People who want to explore the world of social entrepreneurship, get inspired, discover their creative potential and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

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The Social Entrepreneur's Equation

As with any human being, no one social entrepreneur is the same. We each come from different backgrounds and have different experiences, values, and expertise. But what unites us in the world of social entrepreneurship is our ability to see the future as an empty canvas, unwritten, and waiting to be shaped by positive deviants such as ourselves. 

At Quántica, we have worked with hundreds of such valiant individuals. In doing so we have found that social entrepreneurs (no matter their background or expertise) who are successfully able to move from idea to prototype, to sales and eventually scalability, have a set of traits in common. 

You could call this set of traits the basics of a mindset that any social entrepreneur needs to navigate the art and science of social entrepreneurship. We have named these basics, The Social Entrepreneur's Equation. 

We begin this course by outlining the four elements that make the up the equation and have structured the course in a way that serves to strengthen each of them. We invite you to dive in and to keep the equation ever present not just in this course, but in your journey as a changemaker for a better future. 

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What will you learn in this course?

The Social Entrepreneur's Equation

You will learn about the four basic characteristics that every entrepreneur and social entrepreneur needs and which can be applied to different aspects of your business and in different stages of your entrepreneurship journey.

Theory and examples of different social business models

There is always a knowledge base on which we can build new insights and new theories. You will explore some of the theories and origins of a business model in order to choose the components that make sense for your own endeavors.

How to design a social business model

We believe that a business model is not built in the office but  on "the streets," talking with customers and beneficiaries in order to develop what the market really needs. You will learn how to approach your customers and users and we will provide you with tools so that you can do so as the course progresses. We will explain how to synthesize the lessons learned from your research and translate them into the structuring of your social business model.

How to evaluate your social business model

You will receive tools to evaluate a social business model with a triple impact bottom line, from the team to the product. Throughout this exercise, you will learn to identify and test your key assumptions, that is, those untested ideas which may be limiting the success of your business model.

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