Thank you For Your Interest in Supporting Us!

These scholarships make it possible to run the Pazificar program. With your contribution, we are able to welcome, at no cost to them, social entrepreneurship projects of victims, ex-combatants and community leaders who demonstrate and will continue to demonstrate that reconciliation and a peaceful future are possible. Through this fund we are able to ensure that people who could not access this program without this financial aid are able to participate.

975,000 pesos

(aprox 250 USD)

1,950,000 pesos

(aprox 520 USD)

3,900,000 pesos

(aprox 1000 USD)

7,800,000 pesos

(aprox 2000 USD)

(Contribute what you wish to our scholarship fund)

Questions regarding the scholarship fund?

Get in touch with us by clicking here.

Other ways you can support the program

Do you have or know of a startup that is run by people affected by or previously involved in the Colombian armed conflict?

Would you like to be a consultant for one of the startups in the program?

Would you like to help guide the socio-emotional journey of program participants?